Patient Information

Undergoing any medical procedure – especially one involving surgery or implantation of a medical device – can be a worrisome and stressful experience for patients. That is why it is so important for patients to have a frank and honest discussion with their physicians before deciding on any medical intervention.

“You have every right to ask, and you have every right to know what your clinician is going to do,” Dr. Susan Alpert stresses. She recommends patients prepare to have a serious conversation with their medical provider when considering a new health care solution, especially when a medical technology is involved. What device will the clinician be using? Which company made it? How long has the device been on the market? How often has the clinician used the device successfully?

Doctors and other health care providers should be equipping patients with this information without prompt. But it’s helpful for patients to anticipate the conversation, so they can better participate. “It’s really important that everyone be part of this system,” Alpert adds.

Patients are also becoming more and more active in making health care decisions for themselves, which Alpert praises as a positive development. Patients have at their fingertips more health care information than ever before. From user-friendly symptom and treatment overviews, to academic research papers and clinical trial studies, to global databases of medical outcomes, the resources are endless.

Learn more about how patients can make informed health care decisions from Dr. Alpert in the video below. Hear from real patients on their experiences with medical technology.

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