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About Us

America’s Medical Technology Industry

America’s medical technology companies play a pivotal role in diagnosing and providing quality treatment options for patients, improving outcomes, lowering health care costs and promoting economic growth. Our products range from those developed and used by world leaders in medical science and care—such as nanotechnology, state of the art imaging and genetic testing—to the ones parents use everyday, such as bandages, thermometers and catheters.

Advances in Medical Technology

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The medical technology industry is a manufacturing success story, one of the last expanding manufacturing enterprises in the U.S. that merges rapid innovation with precision product building and distribution. Our industry is a world-leader, with home grown R&D, domestic manufacturing in communities large and small and worldwide exports of American made products. Our economic contributions go beyond conventional measurements of employment, wages and exports—they extend to the increased productivity of the American workforce through greater advances in health.

Innovation is at our core. The advances in medical technology within our own lifetimes is only the beginning of ongoing improvements. America’s core policy and regulatory choices establish the context for future improvements. A strong FDA, appropriate Medicare reimbursement and other policies must be in place to ensure a strong future for patient and health care provider access to earlier and more accurate diagnoses, life-enhancing therapies and continued innovation for the next breakthrough treatments. Medical technology changes lives. We are an engine for growth and a vehicle for personal and health progress. 

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